Friday, January 29, 2010

Australia Day

On Australia Day (January 26 for the uninitiated) Patrick and I, along with a gang of friends and new acquaintances, went on a hike to the Kondalilla Falls in Montville, which is about an hour and a half North of Brisbane. Sadly, my camera's battery died early on in the hike (which was about 10km altogether) so I only got a few pictures.

There were so many fantastic trees in the rainforest! So many strangler figs, strangling big trees. This one's actually rather ordinary compared to some of the ones we saw later on.

A view of Lake Baroon.

Looking out the other way, over the Obi Obi Gorge.

A real live kookaburra! Pat took this one. There were three, but the other two had just flown off. Cutest birds ever!

Pat and I, exhausted, in front of the Kondalilla Falls. Yep, that's the bottom of the falls. It was bit more impressive higher up, but it was pretty dry. The rockpool was nice. We went in with all my clothes on.

It was a good way to spend Australia Day, enjoying the beauty of the country. We had gotten up at 4am so we were both asleep again by 8pm (a few celebratory drinks helped with that).

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  1. Nice to see what you two get to enjoy together!