Monday, January 4, 2010

37 degrees South

Patrick and I went to Melbourne (and the surrounding area) for a week over the holidays. We visited friends and did so much it went by so fast! It was so much fun and we took far too many pictures. What a beautiful city! I highly recommend visiting if you never have. I'm going to do two posts. because there is just too much for one!

First, some history. The state of Victoria was founded by a man named John Batman. In fact, Melbourne was known as Batmania for a while, among other things. Hence, Batman St, Batman Ave, Batman's Hill and Batman Park.

And now, the photos...

Patrick at Parliament House.

The Forum on Flinders Street.

They had all these little painted shacks along Brighton Beach, people would store their stuff in them or have them decorated like tiny little cabins. They were all painted very colourfully!

There were abut 75 - 80 along the length of the beach, some open, some locked up.

The train station at Flinders St.

The City Circle Tram in front of Parliament. It was so old-timey! It goes in a circle around downtown Melbourne for free so tourists can see all the sights. They have new trams as well (and buses and trains as well), but this one is for the feel of "old Victoria".

Chinatown! Two blocks of awesome!!

A beautiful view of the skyline from the South Bank of the Yarra River.

The Royal Exhibition Centre in Carlton Gardens.

The Princess Theatre! Jersey Boys was playing. I didn't really care to see it, but the theatre was gorgeous!

This is up at Cape Schank, way down the coast of Port Philip Bay. It was soooo windy.

This is at the Fort Nepean National Park, which is by Portsea. It was gorgeous.

One of the lookouts from Arthur's Seat.

More to come! Stay tuned!

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