Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Year In Shows

Theatre is one of those things that swallows you whole and immerses you in strange fantasy worlds with other people who are just as crazy as you. I've only done two shows this year, but coupled with full-time work and volunteering for several organizations, I just haven't had the time or inclination to keep my blog updated. At last I have the time, so I shall endeavor to sum up 2012 in terms of my theatrical career.

The first show I did this year was with Ignatians Musical Society and it was one of my favourites: Sweeney Todd! A traditional telling of the classic Sondheim musical, we dirtied ourselves up with cocoa and talcum and I expanded my range to include a D#6. It was probably the greatest theatrical experience of my life so far, not just because of the high quality of the production, but because I got to do it with so many of my very dearest friends.

Some of the ladies pre-zombification...

...and all of after we've been dirtied up 19th-century London style.

Zane doing Thriller, because, again, zombies.

Pirelli's magnificent cart.

Yep. If Walking Dead ever does a time-travel episode, we'd be perfect.

Toby (Ben) getting painted up by one of the lovely and dedicated makeup ladies.

Xanthe, my dressing room neighbour, trying to make herself less beautiful (as if that were possible).

Corsets require friends to help with said corsets, lest there be spillage.

Me and Sam, who played my crazy (literally) sister. Smythes for lifes!

You can't really tell just how clean Johanna (Jordy) is without a side-by-side comparison with a filthy whore.

Annie-Sam takes some well-needed downtime.

Our three leading ladies Mrs. Lovett (Miranda), Beggar Woman (Sarah) and Johanna (Jordy).

Fiona with a bit of rag we gave a happy face and made dance.

Off to the judge's orgy... er, masquerade ball.

I still maintain Miranda Selwood was the best Mrs. Lovett ever. And I've seen Patti Lupone. 

Skylar works hard even when she's not dancing, singing or being violated.

Jordana and Jordan, what a difference a regular bathing regime makes.

Next show brought me back to Phoenix Ensemble, where I did my first show ever in Australia (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee). A complete 180 from Sweeney, I was cast in the adults-only puppet musical Avenue Q. I played a Bad Idea Bear and Mrs. Thistlet*** (censored for my more sensitive blog readers). It was a small, tight cast of incredible talented people, each who suited their characters perfectly. I was in my element, doing silly voices and encouraging people to do naughty things. And we sold out five of our 10 shows! Another one to tick off the bucket list!

Here's the promo video me and my boy bear (Luke) did for the show, if you haven't seen it.

Tyler and "gay" Rod (there were 3 puppets for each of the main characters to facilitate easy costumes changes).

Tia and "bedroom" Lucy. What a slut.

Kelly and Kate Monster.

Me n' my lovable snuggable evil little bear. 

Blake, affectionately known as minion, holding on to Trekkie while Doug (who actually played Trekkie) was no doubt fixing some puppet whose string had broken or eyebrow had fallen off or nipples weren't functioning.

Post-"Special" Lucy and Catholic Lucy. Still showing off her midriff. What a slut.

Our terrific set.

The band box.

Dangerously close to a wild bad idea bear.

Steve and Nicky and Tyler and Rod.

Me and Luke and our bears, Honey and Barney.

Kristy Gee, the incomparable Gary Coleman (with Steve photobombing).

Showing some love to our suicidal practice puppet, Arnold. I couldn't have done it without him.

Closing night, after the show I got dressed to match my bear! Yaaaaaay! 

And now I'm just itching to get back onto the stage... can't wait for January. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy First Anniversary

On July 24, 2011, I married Patrick Littlejohn at the Living Forest Campground in Nanaimo, BC. Since it's been a year, here's just a few pictures of that day. EVERYONE had a camera, and there are thousands of snapshots I'm sure. The ones in this post were taken by my friends/guests Erin and Amber who just happen to be actual photographers.

There's so many photos, so many memories! I could do a new post every year (maybe I will!) and still not get through them all. If you have any that you'd like to share, post in the comments. Lots of love!!!