Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GOMA and Queensland Museum

Not last Saturday but the Saturday before, it was off to the Cultural Centre for some free culture (art galleries and museums are free here, as they should be everywhere). There was a fantastic exhibit at the Gallery Of Modern Art known as the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. Here are some wacky pieces to contemplate.

This was great - the Buddhas started out as plain white ceramic and there were stickers that anyone could come and stick on them, anywhere they wanted. The stickers were all sorts of fun things, Scooby Doos, hearts, stars, candy, flags and what have you.

"Road To Tomorrow" by Rohan Wealleans

Toshitomo Nara's art studio, a camper van with a little cabin on top. Look closely and you can see his art in the top, all little cartoon girls. Kawaii!

This is "People Holding Flowers" by Zhu Weibing & Ji Wenyu. Such tiny little men. So tiny.

This is called "Line In Control" by Subodh Gupta. A mushroom cloud of pots and pans. Awesome.

You can see more wonderful Asian art from the GOMA if you click this link.

Also, take the virtual_tour! It's worth it, if you can get the website to work for you. Highly recommended:

So much of the art was interactive. You had to go into rooms and you were surrounded by it. There was a small glass room that you could walk-in (barefoot or socks only) that had varying lengths of a shoelace-like substance. It's almost impossible to describe, but it was so cool. You had to walk very slowly, because you couldn't see anything, and sound was muffled, too.

I'd go back there in a heartbeat! Whenever there is a new exhibit, I will be there.

Also, after perusing the gift shop, I rediscovered one of my favourite contemporary artists, Marion Peck. Check her out if you haven't heard of her and you like creepy/cute.

This one was from the Queensland Museum. I just loved this genuine old-school fire truck - a quadricycle. The gold things in the middle are the fireman's helmets. The museum was very cool, though not quite as awesome as the Melbourne Museum. There was a lot of great old cars, planes, boats, carriages as well as a parade of stuffed animals mingled with life-like prehistoric creatures. There was so much there that I don't feel we saw everything, and we should definitely go back a few more times to really digest all the information. It's free, so why the heck not!

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