Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy First Anniversary

On July 24, 2011, I married Patrick Littlejohn at the Living Forest Campground in Nanaimo, BC. Since it's been a year, here's just a few pictures of that day. EVERYONE had a camera, and there are thousands of snapshots I'm sure. The ones in this post were taken by my friends/guests Erin and Amber who just happen to be actual photographers.

There's so many photos, so many memories! I could do a new post every year (maybe I will!) and still not get through them all. If you have any that you'd like to share, post in the comments. Lots of love!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mum's Visit Part 2: Brisbane

And now, the Brisbane leg of Mum's Australian adventure!

Here's mum on one of the many bridges of Brisbane, overlooking the river and the Brisbane Wheel (which we rode at night just before we saw the Harvest Rain production of "The Neverending Story")

Here we are at the Buddha's Birthday festival! So many Buddhas and vegetarian food. Oh, and terrible live music, but it was still lots of fun and a beautiful day to walk around the loveliest part of Brisbane - South Bank.

Buddha's Birthday lanterns.

Giants Buddhas in the Suncorp Piazza.

Our friends Jody and Julia took us on a road trip for a day to Mt. Tamborine, just outside of Beenleigh. Here's Pat, Mum and I on Mt. Tamborine, just before entering the glow-worm caves. (Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures of the glow-worms because it would confuse them).

Pat, looking very handsome in the sunset light on Mt. Tamborine.

The sunset from Mt. Tamborine.

I took the day off on my birthday (May 9) and headed down to the Lone Pine Sanctuary with mum.

Here's mum reaching out to a little wallaby.

And feeding one of the many kangaroos!

A few of the young koalas at Lone Pine.

And here's mum making friends with young Wisely, who gave her a very special gift when he pooped on her.

More to come ... !