Sunday, April 24, 2011


In keeping with my extensive backlog of photos from Europe (even though lots of fun stuff has been happening in Australia!) - I give you m day in Dusseldorf.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't gorgeous, but at least it wasn't raining. Walking through the glamourous shopping district, the Konigsallee. I wouldn't touch those shops, but the river was lovely.

This is just along the Rhine promenade, with the Alstadt (Old Town) in the distance, including St. Lambertus church.

Dusseldorf was full of statues and sculptures, old and new. I kept m eye out for the 8 "pillar saints" but only found 4.

The Tourist (looking up at the Rheinturm).

The Photographer.

One couple.

The other couple.

The wonderful old statues could be found all over as well:

Walking through Dusseldorf is never boring - there are fantastic old buildings, with centuries of history like the Schlossturn:

The Kunstammlung, home of a huge modern art collection:

The Tonhalle, once an observatory and now a concert hall:

Church and modern art sculpture, co-existing:

The Media Harbour is where you find the really far-out modern architecture, including the works of Frank Gehry:

I had a lovely stroll through the Hofgarden, where I saw the brave little crocusses starting to bloom:

and I got a pleasant little surprise when I ran into some fellow Canadians!

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