Monday, April 11, 2011

Cologne, Part 2

I'm so backed up! I have so much more to post! The best part is, I've been doing awesome fun stuff and taking more photos. So, keep coming back to this blog because this is where the action is. Or will be. My excuse is that it takes my computer forever to upload photos. Anyway, I have some free time now so here we go.

Cologne, Part 2: The German Experience

Cologne is most famous for, obviously, Cologne. So I headed over to the Glockengasse 4711, where the sell the famous Eau De Cologne.

It smelled amazing in there. I bought so many bottle of EDC, it is such a lovely fresh scent, and I am not a perfume person. Looking at the museum area, there was a plaque listing the awards it has won.

Look a little closer:

The Australian connection strikes again!

There was one day I decided to head to the zoo and aquarium. I had two cameras with me and they both ran out of battery about halfway through the zoo! There were so many beautiful animals including the exotic grizzly bear and raccoon. There was also a litter of baby capybaras and some beautiful okapi, which I'd never seen in real life.

There were about 14 elephants. The littlest one was very affectionate towards the others:

Camels, relaxing:

And Mom, here you go: Meerkats, meerkats, meerkats!!

The Hohenzollern Bridge is the famous bridge that crosses the Rhine, connecting Cologne proper with Cologne Messe/Deutz. The tradition is to write your name and your lover's name on a lock, lock it onto the bridge, then throw the keys into the Rhine.

Here I am on the bridge, holding Pat's beer for him. Again, public drinking it totally acceptable. And it was the afternoon, so it was even more totally acceptable. There were so many locks.

If you're ever in Cologne, it's definitely worth a stroll to look at all the locks. And you can have a look for me and Pat's!

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  1. Mary so Great, I would probably get thrown out the zoo I would try to get in with the meerkats. did they seem ok. So so cute. thanks. Mum