Monday, December 6, 2010

Gold Coast Theatre Awards

Tuesday November 30 was the night of the 2nd Annual Gold Coast Theatre Awards in Benowa. It was a heck of a trek to get there... 45 minutes by train, then got picked up and another 50 minutes by car! But we ended up just outside of Surfer's Paradise at the lovely Gold Coast Arts Centre. Very posh! So much cool art around the building. It was a neat complex.

We were given a free drink with our ticket. Hurray!

My friend Jordan was there to cheer everybody on!

It was pretty dark in the Paradise Room, so the pictures didn't really turn out great. But I ran into half the cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee so I insisted on a picture!

From L to R: Me (of course), Frog (Barfee), Nikki (Marcy), Morgan (Logainne) and Ben (our Assistant Musical Director)
Front: Andy (Panch)

So, it was a good night. My category was second-to-last (people kept saying that therefore it was one of the most prestigious) so I couldn't drink as much as I had hoped to! Oh, well. It was very nice to see some of my pals win in their categories! I didn't have a speech prepared so it was just as well I didn't win. Everyone insisted it was a travesty of course, but the more optimistic were very encouraging - "Next year we'll see you up there!" As long as I can keep getting great parts in shows I love, that's enough for me!

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  1. You are number one in our eyes, so proud mydear . Mum and dad