Monday, August 16, 2010


I just realized I hadn't posted anything from our trip to Stradbroke Island, which was on August 7 - 8. Pat's boss, James, and his wife Jackie invited us to a condo they had rented for the weekend (the resort aptly called Whalewatch). It was lovely and pretty easy to get to considering how beautiful and different it is from inner city Brisbane. We did see whales and dolphins but I didn't get any pictures of them, they were too far out to get any good ones. But it was still pretty amazing!

Patrick by the Gorge. The waves were huge that day!

This is the view from the other side of the Gorge.

A good view of Main Beach, which we ended up walking along (we did a lot of walking!)

The waves on Main Beach.

Pat in front of the cool sand/rock formation between Frenchman's Beach and Cylinder Beach. The whole island is made of sand (hence all the beaches, I guess).

Crested pigeons! I love these guys. They are such ridiculous-looking birds. I call them alfalfa pigeons, because of the little cowlick.

This was the fattest crested pigeon I'd ever seen! They're not usually neckless. He lived right by the restaurant strip. It's an easy life on Straddie.

Sunset on Sunday brought back to the Dunwich ferry, which is overlooked by the prettiest graveyard I've ever seen.

We missed the ferry and had to wait around another hour.

Can't wait to go back! Pat and I will be planning more daytrips for weekends, because the weather is starting to get really nice again and there is so much beautiful stuff to see that's just a short train ride/ferry away.

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  1. Beautiful, you will be taking me to all these places right. Love Mum