Thursday, July 22, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Even though this is my "Brisbane" blog, we had such a great time on vacation in British Columbia and in Taiwan that we just had to share! Here are so pics from Vancouver, Brown's Bay and Long Beach.

Our view from the RV at Ripple Rock resort. We went "glamping" (glamour camping) with Pat's parents. It was pretty sweet. Running water, a stove, a real bed, a hot tub, a pool table and quite a view.

This was the view the next morning - a little mistier!

They have all sorts of animals in Brown's Bay:

Jellyfish (non-poisonous, hurray!)



Wooden orcas, wooden mermaids and Bens

Occasionally, cruise ships go by, which is really the most exciting thing that happens at Ripple Rock.

We went for a boat ride in the zodiac, it was quite spectacular, if a little cold and cloudy.

We had a great hike up to a lookout, where we met an Australian family (true story!) who'd been on an Alaskan cruise. Here is Pat, Ben and I, feeling very accomplished.

You can actually get a proper view without our faces in the way. Look at the whirlpools! Ooo... whirpools...

Mum threw us a nice party when we got back, down at Jericho Beach. Behold, the splendour of my favourite duck pond... note the heron.

We spent Canada Day on Granville Island. Here is the Maple Leaf Oracle. She knighted people when they put money in the hat.

And a nice view from under the bridge...

Oh, the crows! I'd forgotten about the crows, migrating from West Van to Burnaby every night. Here in Queensland we have bats that do the same thing, flying from one city to the next in search of fruit. Did you know a group of bats is called a colony, a camp or a cloud? Anyway, these are crows.

Loved living on Commercial Drive for 6 days. Thanks Rob for making that happen! One of my favourite places in Vancouver, even if it is becoming seriously gentrified. What will it be like in another 2 1/2 years?

Next, it was off to beautiful Long Beach and Tofino.

Pat and Antonio successfully built a fire the first night. Good job!

Pat, roasting his weiner.

Obligatory Long Beach sunset shot.

Pat bathed in the morning light.

A nurse log in Cathedral Grove - my first time hiking through there, by the way. It was so majestic and beautiful, such a British Columbian experience!

Back in Vancouver, with only a few days left (after making tons of wedding plans and a super Littlejohn family BBQ) I hit up English Bay and took a pic of those crazy laughing guys.

And Cambie Street, with the mountains in the background - s'why they call it Fairview, I guess.

I love the new Canada Line. Made Richmond more accessible (love those Richmond malls!) and made getting back and forth from Mum and Dad's easy enough (if only the stupid #49 bus ran past midnight... wtf #49 bus... seriously).

Other thoughts on Vancouver after being away for 8 months - a lot of places I remember are now gone, or have changed, or are 'For Lease'. There are so many homeless people. Being in Brisbane where it is not such a huge problem kind of took my blinders off when visiting Van. They are everywhere and I know it's a big city and it's one of the mildest weather-wise in Canada, but it's still jarring.

It was so great to see all my Canada friends. I can't believe how much I fit in one month! Not to mention all the shows I saw - Titania, Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, Anthony & Cleopatra, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Singin' In The Rain (wow, lots of shows with long titles!) and a sneak peek of Hair. Not to mention two little play-readings of my own!

Next post will be our one-day stopover in Taiwan! Stay tuned!

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  1. Wonderful Mary, where are the Boys. Love all the pics.Mum